R&D Commission by artist collective from Yeovil Community Art School

We are very proud to announce the appointment of a collective of 8 artists from our Community Art School cohort to deliver our 3rd Research & Development Commission funded by Arts Council England Lottery Funding. The group of artists are Dawn Handy, Izzie Jobbins, Stéphanie Max, Miranda Pender, Rhiannon Cross, Jess Egan, Celia Brokenshire and Sarah Moore.

The decision came almost as a surprise from the discussions in the Yeovil Art Action group and we are delighted with this opportunity for the artists who are just two months into their Community Art School programme. The group of artists have created a close network already and have received two full days of fantastic teaching under guest tutors Rachel Dobbs and Fiona Winning, with more to come on a monthly basis well into 2022.  The programme is dedicated to building their expertise as artists and with a focus on working in the community through projects, workshops and assisting communication across groups in Yeovil. 

In the next 3 months, the 8 artists will be working with Yeovil Art Action Group (YAAG) and our Producers Natasha Rand and Carolyn Lefley to deliver a number of activities and events in response to the theme of Celebration as we approach the Jubilee events in June 2022.

More about the Yeovil Art Action Group
More about Yeovil Community Art School

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