We are a creative hub bringing the public a number of initiatives and projects with other creative businesses, groups and individuals.  Our aim is to provide arts and cultural activities for all ages, including participatory events, learning workshops and showcases.

Although we are working in uncertain times we are proud and excited to be finding new avenues for our creative projects and connections with you all.

Following the the current government restriction due to Covid-19, we are temporary closed until further announcement. We hope to open soon with our brand new programme of exhibitions, workshops and events.

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Listen now! Together We Are Stronger Podcasts

On 22 February, we launched Together We Are Stronger project with the 1st of a series of 18 podcasts, telling the story of Irene, a 91 years old and happily living in a Somerset Care home. Artist Natasha Rand talked to Irene over a Zoom call in December last year, where she shared her life story about art, travel and family.
Together We Are Stronger is a community project telling the stories of bravery and kindness across generations. Podcasts, exhibition, window displays, workshops and family activities are taking place in different forms and locations. Click the button below to find out more about the project and listen to the podcasts.

Thanks everyone supported the 1st Yeovil Window Wanderland!

We are very proud to claim that 1st Yeovil Window Wanderland is a great success! More than 200 window displays around town and surrounding villages, put together by local residents, businesses and organisations. Yeovil Window Wanderland delivered it’s promise to light up our town and for all to enjoy! It is Covid-safe and free!

Thanks for everyone taking part, whether you are windowmaker or wanderer!

We are grateful to receive funding support from Somerset Community Foundation and Abri’s Community Fund, and the partnership support from Spark Somerset, Love Yeovil, Local Co-op, Yeovil Town Council and many individuals and organisations.

The Latest

Calling for all Young Yeovil Creatives

Use your creativity to connect with the older people in your community. Share strength. Join us for these amazing ONLINE FREE projects! Artist Natasha Rand and creative tutor Kara Bignell-Bird designed the following activity especially for those in Years 7 -11 (Aged 14-18) as part of Together We Are Stronger, aiming to share and bring […]

Join TOGETHER, WE ARE… Campaign

Share your positivity with us by following the instructions below: Find a piece of A4 size paper or use the back of a cereal packet Write ‘Together, we are (Something cheerful, positive).’ Hold it up and take a picture (cover your face if you don’t want to be recognised) Post your picture on your social […]

Join Yeovil Mini Creatives!

A project created by a collaboration of artists and professionals, supported by The Local Connections Fund. Bringing together families with pre-school aged children (2.5-5years old) through a series of art and creative skills. Having fun, being creative and all whilst supporting the development of your little one too. Sign up to get your free activity […]

Family Activity Pack available

Put together by artist Natasha Rand (Creation Generation) with Yeovil Library, a 12 pages activity pack contains a range of creative activities for primary school age children and their family, part of our ‘Together We Are Stronger’ community project. You can download the pack below (19mb in size, in pdf format) or obtain a printed […]

New year focus… Together We Are Stronger

We are delighted to launch our new community project – TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER. Lead by artist Natasha Rand, we are working with care home residents and staff, young people and creatives telling the stories of bravery and kindness across generations. Podcasts, window displays, workshops and family activities take place in different forms and locations. […]


Join Yeovil Window Wanderland

Light up our town together! Yeovil Art Space is delighted to support bringing Window Wanderland to Yeovil between 15 and 28 February. Working with volunteers, artists, creatives, neighbourhoods, organisations and local businesses, together we will create a festival of colour and light that illuminate the town for two weeks in the darkest months. Anyone can join in […]

Thank you for shopping with us

We thanks for visiting our Arty Gift Shop during Christmas time. We hope you and your love one like your purchases. Buying from us, you are supporting our artists and community. We will open our door when we can, so you can purchase unique works by our artists all year round. In the meantime, please […]

Apart Together Exhibition

‘Apart Together’ is a collaborative project and exhibition created by Yeovil Creatives members. It resulted of a collaborative art project which started at the beginning of lockdown in response to the theme Solidarity and Kindness.  ‘Apart Together’ calls for Yeovil Creatives members to submit new work to be within the postal size of 45cm x […]

Creative Club for early teens

This summer, we worked with 12 young people aged 12-15 through 6 weekly activities, including making posters, zine and electronic musics. Some of the result art works is now exhibiting at our opening show until 31 October. We will be creating regular activities for early teen from November onward, please contact us for details.

We Are Open!

We are now safe to open our space with new exhibition Apart Together and more! ‘Apart Together’ gathers new artworks from more than 20 Yeovil Creatives members and their friends.  It resulted from a collaborative art project which started at the beginning of lockdown in response to the theme Solidarity and Kindness. “We are living […]