Shape of Yeovil window projection

We are delighted to have been commissioned by LoveYeovil to put together the window project throughout this winter at the Yeovil Library. Part of a series of LoveYeovil events across Yeovil town centre funded by The European Regional Development Fund’s Welcome Back Fund (administered by HMG and South Somerset District Council).

Created by artist Richard Tomlinson, the projection is based on a sequence of images from ‘Shapes of Yeovil’, a public realm artwork created by YOU&ME Architects, part of Yeovil Refresh Art Project for the high street regeneration happening right now in the town centre.

Shapes of Yeovil is the outcome of a number of workshops that have taken place in the Yeovil community, looking at the town’s heritage and culture through different generations.  You can see this collection of iconic images about Yeovil projected from the front windows of the town library, including gloves, helicopter propellers and buildings imposed on the natural landscape around Yeovil such as Nine Springs, the Millennium Tower, Wyndham Hill and more.

Watch the video documentary by Richard Tomlinson

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