Together We Are Stronger Exhibition

19 May – 30 June, 2021

Opening time: 11-2 (WED, THUR, FRI) 11 – 3 (SAT)

Starting with a series of podcasts recorded in a Somerset Care home and with elder residents in Yeovil, the Together We Are Stronger project has unfolded to other groups in the community, with a programme of activities throughout October 2020 – March 2021. The exhibition is now open to share with the public the creative responses that have been collected and accumulated over the last 6 months, capturing the stories about resilience, bravery and kindness across generations in Yeovil.

Yeovil Creatives

Twelve members of the Yeovil Creatives artists answered a call to make and contribute a piece of work in response to the theme of ‘Resilience’. All artworks will be donated to the Somerset Care home where the podcasts were recorded. Artists: Stéphanie Max, Rhiannon Cross, Jess Egan, Samantha Hann, Dale Perrett, Elizabeth Caires, Grażyna Wikierska, Lucy Hawkins, Joanna Martin, Natasha Rand, Hannah Bottomley and Julian Bird.

Creation Generation Young Creatives

Led by Natasha Rand, 16 young people aged 7 -13 from Creation Generation art club attended 3 weekly creative workshop on Sunday mornings. The workshop encouraged the young creatives to explore old posters from the World War eras, devising themes on how the country was inspired to be stronger which were then developed by listening to the podcast stories. Then parallel comparisons to the times we found ourselves in were made and, by using mixed media and collage techniques, visual response were created.

Creative Writing

Working with educator Kara Bignell-Bird, a creative writing project was created and offered to local secondary schools and as an online learning activity. In addition, a creative writing workshop led by Kara took place on Saturday afternoons, via Zoom, to a group of young writers aged from 8 – 21. They discussed the narratives of the podcasts, and produced a variety of written responses. Some beautiful conversations were sparked and captured in the written pieces in the exhibition.

Yeovil College BTEC Students

Natasha Rand was invited by Yeovil College BTEC course leader Clarissa Ready to share the concept of the project. A LIVE brief was shared to invite the students to create their own graphic design work in response to the podcast.

Public Art Display

An installation designed with the quotes from the podcast has been installed at 96 High Street, the former St Margaret’s Hospice Charity Shop. Part of Window Art Trail by Love Yeovil.

Sound Installation

18 podcasts will be played at the exhibition space and Quedam sound system throughout the exhibition.

Listen to the podcast and about Together We Are Stronger >>>>>Together We Are Stronger

Artist Natasha Rand, Yeovil Art Space and Eastville Project would like to thank the following:

Jaine Thorne, staff and residents at Burnworthy House, Somerset Care
Zoe Li & Stephen Ives from Eastville Project
Jos Richardson from Somerset Libraries
Clarissa Ready from Yeovil College
Kara Bignell-Bird
Jess Egan
Stéphanie Max
Alice Edmonds from Love Yeovil
Quedam Shopping Centre
Young Creatives from Creation Generation art club
Gillian Taylor for marketing support
Kim Wide from Take A Part

The generous funding support from The National Lottery Community Fund & Somerset Community Foundation

Calling for all Young Yeovil Creatives

Use your creativity to connect with the older people in your community. Share strength. Join us for these amazing ONLINE FREE projects!

Artist Natasha Rand and creative tutor Kara Bignell-Bird designed the following activity especially for those in Years 7 -11 (Aged 14-18) as part of Together We Are Stronger, aiming to share and bring forward the voices from our teens. Enjoy the activity at home and in your own time, or as you wish to enter your poster art or creative writing piece to be exhibited at Yeovil Art Space.

Who is this for?

Years 7 – 11 or Aged between 14-18
You are living in Yeovil and surrounding villages

How to take part?

  1. Download the instruction
  2. Follow the instruction and listen to our podcasts
  3. If you wish to share your creation with us, sign the consent form from parents and send to us your entry by the 31st March 2021
  4. Your work will be exhibited at Yeovil Art Space in April and May

Join our workshop?
Creative Writing Workshop on Saturday 13 March 2021 2pm. Contact us if you would like to book a place.

Join TOGETHER, WE ARE… Campaign

Share your positivity with us by following the instructions below:

  1. Find a piece of A4 size paper or use the back of a cereal packet
  2. Write ‘Together, we are (Something cheerful, positive).’
  3. Hold it up and take a picture (cover your face if you don’t want to be recognised)
  4. Post your picture on your social media (Facebook & Instagram) with #TogetherYeovil so we can find yours and share.
  5. Please email your image to by the 31 March if you want it to be shown together with others as part of the Window Art Trail in town.

See below to find out more about the concept behind the campaign.

Join Yeovil Mini Creatives!

A project created by a collaboration of artists and professionals, supported by The Local Connections Fund. Bringing together families with pre-school aged children (2.5-5years old) through a series of art and creative skills. Having fun, being creative and all whilst supporting the development of your little one too. Sign up to get your free activity pack! The booklet will become a keepsake filled with memories and creativity. Each activity has been created by an amazing artist and will have an accompanying video and online support. Awesome Artist are Clarissa Read, Carolyn Lefley, Dawn Handy and Jess Egan. Early years development support by Kizzy from The Huddle, Yeovil.

New year focus… Together We Are Stronger

We are delighted to launch our new community project – TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER.

Lead by artist Natasha Rand, we are working with care home residents and staff, young people and creatives telling the stories of bravery and kindness across generations. Podcasts, window displays, workshops and family activities take place in different forms and locations.

Working in partnership with Eastville Project Space, Somerset Care, Yeovil Library, Quedam Shopping Centre, Love Yeovil, Yeovil College and Buckler’s Mead Academy, with the generous support from The National Lottery Community Fund, Somerset Community Foundation, South Somerset District Council & Arts Council England Lottery Funding.

Go to Together We Are Stronger

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Join Yeovil Window Wanderland

Light up our town together!

Yeovil Art Space is delighted to support bringing Window Wanderland to Yeovil between 15 and 28 February. Working with volunteers, artists, creatives, neighbourhoods, organisations and local businesses, together we will create a festival of colour and light that illuminate the town for two weeks in the darkest months. Anyone can join in either as a WANDERER or a WINDOWMAKER.

Our map is getting busier with nearly 200 households, businesses and organisations taking part.

Join us to make the 1st Yeovil Window Wanderland a spectacular one.

Apart Together Exhibition

‘Apart Together’ is a collaborative project and exhibition created by Yeovil Creatives members. It resulted of a collaborative art project which started at the beginning of lockdown in response to the theme Solidarity and Kindness. 

‘Apart Together’ calls for Yeovil Creatives members to submit new work to be within the postal size of 45cm x 35cm x 16cm with each member involved inviting another UK based artist to take part. More than 30 artworks will be displayed in the exhibition.   

“We are living in a strange and precarious time… As a group of artists and creative people, it is important that we carry on using these skills during this difficult time by sharing our creativity” 

As a growing and diverse network of creative people based in and around Yeovil, the exhibition will be a fascinating showcase of a collective action in the time of crisis. It is welcomed in a time when working together has been more challenging but also increasingly important. It will be a great opportunity to see art that connects us socially and emotionally, encouraging dialogues around the unprecedented event of recent months.

With a growing emphasis on the online presence during this time, work from ‘Apart Together’ was shared on the Instagram account @yeovilcreatives #yeovilaparttogether and at Yeovil Creatives website.

Exhibition took place between 19 September – 30 October.
Work can be purchased at Yeovil Art Space during opening hours and online shop.

Creative Club for early teens

This summer, we worked with 12 young people aged 12-15 through 6 weekly activities, including making posters, zine and electronic musics.

Some of the result art works is now exhibiting at our opening show until 31 October.

We will be creating regular activities for early teen from November onward, please contact us for details.