Community Art School now open!


A fully funded community art school for artists who would like to contribute and commit to make Yeovil a creative place for the community and themselves. 


A fully funded community art school for artists who would like to contribute and commit to make Yeovil a creative place for the community and themselves. 

A six month programme with a commitment of one day a month. Based at Yeovil Art Space.

The first cohort will be a group of 10 Associates. They will be Yeovil Creatives members.

The programme is a unique, collective learning opportunity, offering individual and group support, bringing you the latest of the contemporary art knowledge, helping you clarify your mission and identity, as well as opportunities to collaborate and create new work individually and with others.

A tailored programme including workshops, talks, mentoring and a graduate exhibition in Yeovil Art Space. This course will allow Associates to grow in their practice, making new connections, exploring ideas and ultimately discovering a sustainable way to thrive as a professional artist, in a regional and rural setting. 

Subjects will include: finding your creative path, collective learning, collaborative practices, making networks, socially engaged work, experimental approaches, critical practice, professional development, curating and applying for funding. 

Subjects covered over the six months:

  • Creativity and identity – Finding your path
  • Collaborative practice
  • Socially engaged work
  • Experimental approaches
  • Preparing for output: exhibitions, books and online
  • Talking and writing about your work
  • Applying for opportunities and funding

Extra activities:

  • Monthly suggested reading linked to topics covered.
  • 1 hr mentoring session with Rachel Dobbs
  • 2 hrs mentoring session with Zoe Li on project development and funding
  • Group tutorials with Carolyn Lefley, scheduled throughout the programme.
  • Guest monthly blog posts from each Community Art School Associate. 
  • A shared Yeovil Community Art School Associates workspace at Yeovil Art Space. 


  • Create a community of skilled, knowledgeable and dynamic artists who create opportunities for themselves and for others.
  • Support a group of artists who will work in collaboration with YAS to provide better opportunities for the community in Yeovil.
  • Explore sustainable ways to thrive as a professional artist.


Workshops will be for a full day on Fridays*:

22nd October 2021
Exploring different ways of working to sustain your practice – DIY, collaborative & socially engaged approaches to gathering the resources you need to keep going.  
Visiting tutor: Rachel Dobbs
19th November 2021
Connect to your creative pulse, reflect on marks made whilst wandering, and share thoughts in ways that support and inspire.
Visiting tutor: Fiona Winning
17 December 2021
Professional development day part 1 with Carolyn Lefley, professional artist and educator and Community Art School Producer. Including: writing artist statements, web presence, social media, academia, residencies, print output and bookmaking.
21 January 2022
Experimental and collaborative approaches to working with traditional filmmaking practices. Drawing and painting on analogue film, creating eco chemigrams on film stock and two screenings of shared work made during the day.
Visiting tutor: James Holcombe
11/18 February 2022
Symposium day. Subjects will include: Site specific and public realm projects; working with local communities and the heritage sector. Visiting speakers to be announced.
18 March 2022
Professional development day part 2 with Zoe Li, curator, Founder, Yeovil Art Space and Programme Associate, Somerset Art Works. Including workshops in exhibiting, curating and applying for funding.
April – May 2022
Graduate exhibition at Yeovil Art Space. 
* Dates and times to be confirmed. If you have trouble making any of those dates please contact us before you apply:


The Community Art School programme focuses on learning and training for a group of 10 artists. A second parallel programme will focus on learning in the community. This will be delivered and led by the 10 artists enrolled in the Community Art School.

Programme one : Learning and training for 10 artists

Programme two : Learning programme for community, delivered and led by the artist from programme one.


You will be together with a group of like minded individuals, sharing learning experiences and support throughout the programme.


Graduate exhibition at the gallery space of Yeovil Art Space. Gaining showcase opportunities in professional setting.


During and after the programme there will be an opportunity for the enrolled artists to deliver one workshop each, with an artist fee of £100, focusing on connecting with the community.


Expressions of interest are invited from all Yeovil Creatives members. 

If you are interested in joining Yeovil Creatives, and live within a 10 mile radius of Yeovil, please follow this link:

Deadline – 20 September
Download the full information in PDF document

Enquiry, please contact Carolyn Lefley by emailing