Yeovil Creatives

Yeovil Creatives is our membership for artists living within 10 miles radius of Yeovil. Membership benefit includes regular peer networking meetings, selling your work at our shop and opportunities to take part in our project and paid opportunities.



As a Yeovil Creative, you become part of a collective, to offer peer support to artists and creatives in and around Yeovil.

  • Each member will have a one-page online profile on the Yeovil Creatives website to include an image of yourself, your work, 50 – 100 words, website, contact details & social media links
  • Each member is able to take part in the annual exhibition and collaborative projects
  • To attend the monthly networking meetings
  • To take part in workshops and events for free or reduced price
  • To access other opportunities, i.e. pop-up showcase and paid opportunity to run workshops and events
  • You have the opportunity to sell your work in the Yeovil Creatives Shop (Paid membership only and you must attend more than 3 meetings/year. See the form a bit below, blue button. Be in contact with us first if is it the first time for you ).

All activities, i.e. meetings, events, workshops, exhibitions, marketing and promotion are coordinated and administrated by our Yeovil Creative Coordinators with support from volunteers members of Yeovil Creatives. Photographs are often taken at meetings and events, please let us know if you do not wish to appear in them. The membership fee will be used for marketing, publicity and any associated cost in relation to future activities.

Yeovil Creatives is operated under Yeovil Art Space (Charity Organisation).
To be part of Yeovil Creatives, you are a member of Yeovil Art Space. To be a valid member, you must be over 18 year old and attend 3 meetings a year. You are entitled to membership rights and a vote in the Yeovil Art Space AGM.

Membership is on an annual basis between 1 August 2022 – 31 July 2023.

Membership fee:

  • £25/year (Standard Membership)
  • £15/year (Full Time student)
  • Pay anything between £30 – £50 (If you are financially secure. Your financial contribution helps Yeovil Creatives sustain its future activities.)
  • FREE Membership – Available to all who wish to join considering challenges and financial pressure for many, but the option of having art work in the Yeovil Creatives shop will be unavailable to you.

Once your payment is cleared, we will send you the form for the membership.






We welcome individuals living and working in Yeovil and in approx 10 mile radius from Yeovil, considering the travel distance to attend our meeting and activities. The physical presence in attending our activities is an important aspect of our networking group, although it won’t be possible to do so for a while! If you wish to join, but living outside the area below, please contact us.

We welcome those living in and around Yeovil within 10 miles radius, including Crewkerne, Milborne Port, South Petherton, Martock and Illchester in Somerset; also Halstock, Evershot, Yetminster and Sherborne in Dorset.