Shopping with us this Christmas, you are supporting our artists and for our community!

The Yeovil Creatives have taken over the gallery space and it’s looking so festive!  Packed with original paintings, prints, cards, mosaics, sculpture, jewellery, beautiful bowls and hangings, handmade boxes and decorations for your tree and around the home.  There is no space untouched with some kind of arty treasure and it’s a real joy to be putting our visitors in touch with the work that this talented group creates.  We look forward to welcoming you into the gallery and if you would like a sneak preview we have pictures on social media and a little tour on our story highlights on Instagram.

Our wonderful and diverse Yeovil Creatives network is at the heart of Yeovil Art Space, a place of sharing skills, inspiring each other and supporting the livelihoods of fabulous artists and creatives as well as supporting our community work which we believe is so important for our local area. 

The  Christmas shop this year is showcasing this beautifully! When you make a purchase from us, a card, a gift, an artwork, you are helping to support our artists and community, so thank you.

Opening time and details:

The Christmas shop opens now until 23 December.
Our open hours will be extended for late night shopping and Sunday openings as follow:

Usual Opening Hours: WED – FRI (10-4) / SAT (10-5) / Closed on MON & TUE
Additional Opening Hours:
FRI 26 Nov / THUR 9 Dec / THUR 16 (10am – 7pm Free Parking)
SUN 28 Nov / 5 & 12 Dec (10am – 4pm Free Parking)

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