Somerset Open Studios at YAS

Yeovil Art Space welcomes five members of the Yeovil Creatives to set up temporary studio space as part of the Somerset Art Works Open Studios event this September (18 Sept- 3 Oct 2021).  Grażyna Wikierska, Clarissa Ready, Stéphanie Max, Dawn Handy and Jess Egan (pictured) will be showcasing an exciting range of work in printmaking, drawing, painting, mosaic and sculpture. 

The five artists in the group explore subjects in their art inspired by the human experience which will resonate with many visitors with themes covering ecology, the landscape around us, emotions, and art as experimentation and play, as well as ‘art as ritual’ in the healing process.   In this new exhibition the group as a whole reflect on the wider natural world and our impact on it.

Somerset Open Studios is a huge countywide event each autumn, with artists opening up their studios and exhibition spaces to the public; giving behind the scenes talks and workshops and showing art for sale.

Creative workshops every saturday.

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