YAY (Young Artist Yeovil) Creative Club for ages 8-17

[What is it all about?]

YAY is a provision of Yeovil Art Space where we offer a creative, inclusive and safe space for youngsters to express themselves through contemporary art activities. We are providing an encouraging and nurturing environment for children and young people to develop their own artistic talent.

  • Supervised and facilitated by qualified practitioners and specialists on creative learning for children and young people. 
  • Guest artists to provide professional art workshops on different art skills, including printmaking, photography, illustration, drawing, painting and mixed media.
  • Tutorial on GCSE, B-Tech & A-level available on request.
  • Opportunity to take part in the final exhibition at YAS main gallery, supported by professionals (6 weeks in April & May)

[Dates & Times:]

Every fortnight within term time

Term 1: Sept 17 / Oct 8 / Nov 5 & 19 / Dec 3 & 17 (Christmas Party)

Term 2: Jan 7 & 21 / Feb 4 & 25 / Mar 11 & 25 / April 29 (Exhibition celebration)

Group 1: 10am – 12noon (Aged 8 – 12)
Group 2: 1-3pm (Aged 13 – 17)

[Terms & Conditions:]

  • Parent consent required
  • Attend both terms to be eligible to take part in the exhibition.

Fee: Donation £200 per term. 10 places only in each group. (please see the Additional Information about the fee and the programme)

To book the place, please fill in the google form via the booking button below or Contact: info@yeovilartspace.uk

Additional Information

[Payment plan, fee reduction & free places available]

We are charging as we are keen to make sure we can sustain our work to pay our professional tutors and cover our core running costs, especially with the increased price of electricity and materials. In addition, this will also help us to secure the commitment from participants and parents so our tutor can prepare their session according to the number and ability of individuals.  

However, we fully understand the impact of an increase in living costs on your side so, to make sure we are inclusive; payment plans, reductions and free places are available. So, if you are interested, please do contact us. Here are some suggestions if your child is keen but you may find that difficult to justify the fee: 

1. If you are receiving universal credit or do not have a regular income, we will be able to offer free places. You can make donations for materials when you can, but you don’t have to. Only 2 places are available for each group, so please contact us now.

2. If your combined household income is less than £25,000/year, we suggest paying £10-£20/session instead.

3. If you have a regular income of more than £25,000/year, but are not sure you can afford to pay the fee all at once. Please let us know, so we can arrange a payment plan for it. 

[What is the difference this year?]

Based on the feedback and observation of last year, we have made improvements to our programme. Some details are already on our website: 

1. Fix date of each session

Here is the date of each session to ensure you can plan ahead to fully participate in the programme. 
Term 1: Sept 17 / Oct 8 / Nov 5 & 19 / Dec 3 & 17 (Christmas Party) Term 2: Jan 7 & 21 / Feb 4 & 25 / Mar 11 & 25 / April 29 (Exhibition celebration)
Group 1: 10am – 12noon (Aged 8 – 12)
Group 2: 1-3pm (Aged 13 – 17)

2. Exhibition to showcase the work
We are including a showcase opportunity at the end of the programme. This is an opportunity to develop confidence and to produce professional work, especially for those who would like to pursue arts and creative subjects in the future. 

3. Individual development

This year, we focus especially on individual development. We have developed a programme that is complementary to the current curriculum in school, but more! We aim to support individuals to build confidence through creative learning in both formal and informal environments. The programme incorporates skill development sessions, ranging from printmaking to photography, embedding one to one sessions to ensure individuals develop their style and ideas.

4. Special needs

Our tutors are trained and experienced in supporting the learning needs of young people. We will be asking whether your child has special needs, so we can make sure that we can offer support when necessary. 

5. Attendance

I am sure you understand that we offer the best for the participants, it will require effort from us as well as from the young people  Therefore, we are keen to make sure participants attend at least 80% of the programme to fully benefit from it. However, we understand there are unforeseen circumstances, and we will be able to make a refund if needed. 

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