Somerset Art Weeks exhibition at Yeovil Art Space

As Venue 1 on the renowned Somerset Art Weeks (24 September – 9 October), we will feature new work from artist Grażyna Wikierska and sculptor Chris Dunseath RWA for this autumn’s Somerset Art Weeks, an event showcasing over 300 artistic talents across the region.

Chris Dunseath RWA and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Sculptors will be exhibiting a selection of drawing and sculptural works, including a collection of sculptures in bronze and plaster that began with the opportunity to explore Bronze Age artefacts and axes from the collection at The Museum of Somerset. He has developed a series of artworks that extend the sculptural form of the axes and other objects by implying movement, animation and the passage of time.  Chris Dunseath is an artist of regional and national acclaim, winner of Wells Art Contemporary in 2013 and Wilson Award in 2014. He works in a variety of materials including wood, stone, bronze and paper to explore diverse concepts. (

Artist Grażyna Wikierska from Poland is known for working in a variety of forms from painting, sculpture and textile, to performance and installation. She believes Art is a spiritual path to go within, to transform energy, the artist says, “I am very interested in how energy creates patterns, shape, our reality, our personality.”  With support from a Project Development Bursary for Artists from Somerset Art Works, Grażyna will be exhibiting a new body of work that has resulted in experimentation with many mediums to tell stories about states of mind and explores the perception of Sanctuary, the theme of Art Weeks this year. (

This exhibition is scheduled to extend beyond the Art Weeks opening from September 17 until October 29. Events will be announced soon nearer time.

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