Saturday Art Club for ages 7-12

What is it all about?

Our Saturday Art Club offers a creative and inclusive environment for children to express themselves through contemporary art activities. 

Facilitated qualified practitioners who specialise on creative learning for children and young people. 

Guest artists for specialist workshops including; printmaking, photography, illustration, drawing and painting

Opportunity to take part in the final exhibition at YAS main gallery, supported by professionals (6 weeks in April & May)

Tutorial on GCSE, B-Tech & A-level available on request.

Term Dates

Term 2: Jan 7 & 21 / Feb 4 & 25 / Mar 11 & 25 / April 29 (Exhibition celebration)


10am – 12noon

Terms & Conditions

Parent consent required (booking form must be filled in –


£150 per term (6 Sessions + exhibition). Payment plan available.

* However, if you are able to contribute the same cost as last term (£200) it would be much appreciated but we would like to emphasise this is at your discretion.  If the fee is an issue, please do discuss this with us as we have payment plans available – contact

Additional Information

We are charging as we are keen to make sure we can sustain our work to pay our professional tutors and cover our core running costs, especially with the increased price of electricity and materials. In addition, this will also help us to secure the commitment from participants and parents so our tutor can prepare their session according to the number and ability of individuals.  

Individual development

This year, we focus especially on individual development. We have developed a programme that is complementary to the current curriculum in school, but more! We aim to support individuals to build confidence through creative learning in both formal and informal environments. The programme incorporates skill development sessions, ranging from printmaking to photography, embedding one to one sessions to ensure individuals develop their style and ideas.

Special needs

Our tutors are trained and experienced in supporting the learning needs of young people. We will be asking whether your child has special needs, so we can make sure that we can offer support when necessary. 


I am sure you understand that we offer the best for the participants, it will require effort from us as well as from the young people  Therefore, we are keen to make sure participants attend at least 80% of the programme to fully benefit from it. However, we understand there are unforeseen circumstances, and we will be able to make a refund if needed. 

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