R&D Commission by Denman & Gould

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Denman & Gould (Eleanor Goulding and Russell Denman) for R&D commission as part of our development programme funded by Arts Council England Lottery Funding. They have been working with us since May and focus on the area around environmental sustainability by develop conversation with community and exploring:

• How the community sees our public / private public space – front gardens and public space?

• Reimagining Yeovil – What would our town look like if all the gardens were pollinator gardens?

In Summer 2021, working in partnership with LoveYeovil and Yeovil Library, Denman & Gould put together a pop-up event Papercut Silhouettes with artist Richard Heaton, to invite public to contribute to the artwork which currently display at the library. They will be working with our Art Action Group to deliver a series of activities in the next 6 months.

Denman & Gould based in Yeovil. They specialise in public and community-based projects. They work across multiple disciplines, from the design and build of large-scale public art projects to film, sculpture, textiles and jewellery. We explore ideas of community and the connecting threads that knit people and places together, providing new perspectives on familiar surroundings, illuminating layers of meaning and stimulating feelings of recognition and belonging. They have recently appointed as artist for ‘Site 20’ project for Baylis Estates at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol, exploring ways to creatively connect people with nature and enrich biodiversity within a key new SUDS green space within the busy surrounding urban environment.

More about Denman & Gould https://www.denmangould.com/

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