Join Story of Yeovil public forum on Friday 20 January 2023

What’s your story?

What matters to you about Yeovil’s history and heritage?

What is your story in Yeovil?

Join us to launch the Story of Yeovil at a public forum event on Friday 20 January, 3-5pm at the Johnson Suite, Octagon Theatre Yeovil. An opportunity for everyone to share their knowledge and interest on Yeovil’s history and heritage, or to find out more about Story of Yeovil and the fascinating stories from our partners, including:

Professor Steve Poole, Dr Rose Wallis and Dr Laura Harrison from the Regional History Centre at the University of West of England will be discussing ‘what is heritage?’, and why community heritage matters now.

Local historian Bob Osborn, founder of Yeovil’s Virtual Museum will be sharing his personal journey of collecting and researching the history of Yeovil.

Joseph Lewis from the South Somerset Heritage Collection will tell us more about what’s in store.

This will be an open event for conversation, idea exchange and to share connections. FREE event, all welcome.

To attend, please email us or fill in the booking form below:


Steve Poole is professor of History and Heritage at UWE, Bristol and Director of the university’s Regional History Centre. He has published on digital applications for heritage and on contested histories and is a member of the Mayor of Bristol’s History Commission. He has many years experience as a teacher of heritage and public history and as a collaborator with community organisations and museums.

Dr Rose Wallis is Associate Professor of British Social History and Associate Director of the Regional History Centre at UWE. She is a collaborative practitioner working with heritage organisations and community partners across the south west. Her practice-led research and teaching focuses on engaging public audiences with historic research in ways that are meaningful in the present.

Dr Laura Harrison is a senior lecturer in history at UWE, Bristol. She is a social and cultural historian specialising in youth and youth culture, urban space, and oral histories. Laura is a core member of the Regional History Centre, and has worked with community organisations in Bristol and Manchester on collaborative heritage projects.

Joseph Lewis is Heritage Co-ordinator of the Accredited South Somerset Heritage Collection, where 30,000 objects and 6,000 photographs range from significant archaeological pieces including a Roman mosaic to a notable costume and fine art collection. Joseph is assisted by the Heritage volunteers and the South West Heritage Trust, arranging new object donations, guided tours and outreach projects with the Community Heritage Officer.

Bob Osborn Yeovil Historian and Author. Since retiring in 2009 Bob has spent almost everyday researching Yeovil and it’s history. In 2014 he created the A-to-Z of Yeovil’s History website, re-branded Yeovil’s Virtual Museum in 2019. Bob has had nine books on Yeovil’s history published and will be talking about the results of his research.

Job opportunities for Story Of Yeovil

Yeovil Art Space has been awarded £96,403 from The National Lottery Heritage Fund to carry out a new community arts and heritage project on behalf of the Yeovil Art and Heritage Working Group – a formal partnership between Yeovil Art Space, Yeovil Town Council, South Somerset District Council, Yeovil’s Virtual Museum, EPS Yeovil and Yeovil Press, supported by the South West Heritage Trust.

Working with the University of the West of England Regional History Centre, and a number of local organisations, groups and schools, STORY OF YEOVIL will bring a programme of events, talks, educational resources, displays, workshops and publications to Yeovil residents and visitors from further afield in the next 18 months until March 2024. Information:

We are looking for enthusiastic, passionate and self-motivated individuals to join us to deliver this exciting project. The following positions are now open for application. Application deadline; 5pm on 6 December, 2022.

Freelance Engagement Coordinator
Hours/Days: 72 days (Flexible hrs)
Salary: £100/day x 7 hrs/day (Freelance contract)
Contract Duration: subject to availability – 30 March 2024

Click here for application details and Job Description

Paid Project Intern (2 positions)
Hours/Days: 1days/week x 36 weeks
Salary: £10/hr x 7 hrs/day (PAYE)
Contract Duration: Post 1 (December 2022 – August 2023) Post 2 (July 2023 – March 2024)

Click here for application details and Job Description

Job Opportunity: Project Intern (Paid position)

We are looking for 2 project interns to join our team to deliver a brand-new art and heritage project ‘Story Of Yeovil‘.

As a project intern, you will be working closely with our Engagement Coordinator and Programme Producer, supporting different aspects of the project in order to gain valuable experience working in the arts and heritage setting. This position is primarily for aged 18-24, but we welcome applications from any age, who graduated in arts and heritage-related subjects recently and are in an early stage of their career in the art and cultural sector. 

Job Title: Art & Heritage Project Intern (2 posts)

Responsible to: Engagement Director
Hours/Days: 1days/week x 36 weeks
Salary: £10/hr x 7 hrs/day (PAYE)
Contract Duration: Post 1 : December 2022 – August 2023 / Post 2 : July 2023 – March 2024

Application Deadline: 6 December, 2022. 5pm
Please download the Job Description and application details via the file below

Job Opportunity: Freelance Engagement Coordinator

We are looking for enthusiastic, passionate and self-motivated individuals to join us to deliver the ‘Story of Yeovil’ The Engagement Coordinator will be working closely with our Engagement Director and Yeovil Art Action Group members, playing a key role to support us to engage with schools and communities across the programme.

Job Title: Freelance Engagement Coordinator
Responsible to: Engagement Director
Hours/Days: 72 days (Flexible hrs)
Salary: £100/day x 7 hrs/day (Freelance contract)
Contract Duration: subject to availability – 30 March 2024

Application Deadline: 6 December 2022, 5pm
Please download the Job Description and application details via the file below

Saturday Art Club for ages 7-12

What is it all about?

Our Saturday Art Club offers a creative and inclusive environment for children to express themselves through contemporary art activities. 

Facilitated qualified practitioners who specialise on creative learning for children and young people. 

Guest artists for specialist workshops including; printmaking, photography, illustration, drawing and painting

Opportunity to take part in the final exhibition at YAS main gallery, supported by professionals (6 weeks in April & May)

Tutorial on GCSE, B-Tech & A-level available on request.

Term Dates

Term 2: Jan 7 & 21 / Feb 4 & 25 / Mar 11 & 25 / April 29 (Exhibition celebration)


10am – 12noon

Terms & Conditions

Parent consent required (booking form must be filled in –


£150 per term (6 Sessions + exhibition). Payment plan available.

* However, if you are able to contribute the same cost as last term (£200) it would be much appreciated but we would like to emphasise this is at your discretion.  If the fee is an issue, please do discuss this with us as we have payment plans available – contact

Additional Information

We are charging as we are keen to make sure we can sustain our work to pay our professional tutors and cover our core running costs, especially with the increased price of electricity and materials. In addition, this will also help us to secure the commitment from participants and parents so our tutor can prepare their session according to the number and ability of individuals.  

Individual development

This year, we focus especially on individual development. We have developed a programme that is complementary to the current curriculum in school, but more! We aim to support individuals to build confidence through creative learning in both formal and informal environments. The programme incorporates skill development sessions, ranging from printmaking to photography, embedding one to one sessions to ensure individuals develop their style and ideas.

Special needs

Our tutors are trained and experienced in supporting the learning needs of young people. We will be asking whether your child has special needs, so we can make sure that we can offer support when necessary. 


I am sure you understand that we offer the best for the participants, it will require effort from us as well as from the young people  Therefore, we are keen to make sure participants attend at least 80% of the programme to fully benefit from it. However, we understand there are unforeseen circumstances, and we will be able to make a refund if needed. 

Somerset Art Weeks exhibition at Yeovil Art Space

As Venue 1 on the renowned Somerset Art Weeks (24 September – 9 October), we will feature new work from artist Grażyna Wikierska and sculptor Chris Dunseath RWA for this autumn’s Somerset Art Weeks, an event showcasing over 300 artistic talents across the region.

Chris Dunseath RWA and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Sculptors will be exhibiting a selection of drawing and sculptural works, including a collection of sculptures in bronze and plaster that began with the opportunity to explore Bronze Age artefacts and axes from the collection at The Museum of Somerset. He has developed a series of artworks that extend the sculptural form of the axes and other objects by implying movement, animation and the passage of time.  Chris Dunseath is an artist of regional and national acclaim, winner of Wells Art Contemporary in 2013 and Wilson Award in 2014. He works in a variety of materials including wood, stone, bronze and paper to explore diverse concepts. (

Artist Grażyna Wikierska from Poland is known for working in a variety of forms from painting, sculpture and textile, to performance and installation. She believes Art is a spiritual path to go within, to transform energy, the artist says, “I am very interested in how energy creates patterns, shape, our reality, our personality.”  With support from a Project Development Bursary for Artists from Somerset Art Works, Grażyna will be exhibiting a new body of work that has resulted in experimentation with many mediums to tell stories about states of mind and explores the perception of Sanctuary, the theme of Art Weeks this year. (

This exhibition is scheduled to extend beyond the Art Weeks opening from September 17 until October 29. Events will be announced soon nearer time.

Summer School for 7-16

Start the summer holidays with four days of creativity for young artists!

Monday to Thursday, 25 – 28 July 2022, 10am – 3pm 

We are offering a series of fun and experimental art workshops for children at Yeovil Art Space. Begin the summer with creativity! We will have sessions for drawing, printing, painting, sculpture and mixed media inspired by local Yeovil Creative artists and from what will be the current exhibition in the gallery – a showcase of renowned Somerset artists. We will provide a fun, nurturing creative space for designing and making, with art materials included so our young artists can learn new skills and explore art.

At the end of the week, the art students will celebrate with an exhibition of their work to show their families and friends before bringing their artworks home. Those who attend on all four days will also receive an Arts Award Discover certificate.

* Snacks and drinks will be provided. 

* Child pack lunch is required. 

* Experienced workshop leaders.

* All staff DBS checked

FEE: £160 each for 4 days

Places are limited, please book by 20 July. To book, please go to the link below:

*Should you want to discuss a payment plan and fee reduction, please contact us at Yeovil Art Space

A week at Yeovil Art Space

by Sophie Robertson

Sophie spent a week with us as part of the placement of her study at A-level Art & Design at Yeovil College. Here is her account of the week.

Tuesday 14th

Had a zoom call discussion with Natasha Rand at 9am and again at 1pm for approx an hour each.

I learnt about the origins of Yeovil Art Space, looked at the website and did some research about Yeovil creatives and the artist’s work.

We discussed the possibility of summer school for kids. How many placements, the dates it’s running and the ages of the customers.

We discussed possible topics and I mentioned I like portraiture and I brainstormed my ideas of what to include in a session about portraiture; questions I would ask, materials I would use, artists I would reference as examples, activities I would do with them and how I would engage them. 

We also discussed the possibility of an Arts discovery award if enough children attend. We also looked at The National Gallery and their ‘picture of the month’ which engages children to think about the art, the story behind it, the emotions conveyed etc. Currently, Claude-Joseph Vernet’s ‘A Shipwreck in Stormy seas’. They are accepting work in response to the piece until 31 Oct 2022.

Wednesday 15th

Worked with Jess Egan on marketing and communications.

I was shown the process of completing a social media post. I learnt about what draws the customer in, what is eye-catching and how to reach the desired audience with hashtags.

I was then shown press releases from the past. I looked at the main structure of the release and the things to include to inform the customer and hook them in. 

Then I worked on my own press release advertising my summer school/ workshop that I had discussed the previous day. Following the structure of previous press releases I drafted one up and aimed to use creative language to express what it is about and to cater to my target audience: parents.

I then mind-mapped ideas for the name of the workshop that communicated the intent and was fun and creative so it appeared to children. I came up with ‘the faces we paint’ – something simple that explains what the class is about. Towards the end of the day, I was taught how to use the badge-making press and I designed and made a badge of my own which I really enjoyed.

Thursday 16th

Worked with Stephanie Max on the organisation and keeping of the shop.

I started by checking the art around the gallery and making sure they all had displayed prices if they were for sale. I wrote two tags with the price and then the initials of the artist and made sure they were easily seen next to the piece.

I then ran an errand- photocopying press releases for the display in YAS. I had to use money from the till which meant that with the change, I was taught how the money in and out was recorded. I also learnt how the card machine worked and how they record what percentages of the profit go to the gallery and what to the artist.

I was taught a bit more about the history of YAS and more about the shop, for example, it used to be a pop-up shop, which is different to managing a permanent one. Also about the changes in the shop display, the actual composition of the gallery, and how to display art so the environment caters to customers.

I was taught a bit about spreadsheets and how they are used to record orders and receipts and how YAS store their information on drive with collaborative folders.

Friday 17th

Spent the day with Zoe Li.

I started out the day by cleaning the windows and sweeping the cobwebs to make the shop look presentable and welcoming. I then sat at the computer and wrote more of the summer school plan. What materials do we need, and a checklist of things I need to find out (for example: what Yeovil creatives are free and what they think they could add to the workshop). I then moved around some paintings in the gallery and put up new ones and wrote the price tags. It was interesting to see the effect that the composition of the works on the wall had on the general look of the shop and how customer-friendly it was. For example, you have to put the prices big and clear next to the works because the majority of customers don’t like to single themselves out to ask or find out. I then helped rearrange some of the furniture so that the walk space into the gallery is more inviting and accessible. I assisted in a display of booklets called ‘Creativity for Wellbeing’ and ‘Together We Are Stronger’ so that they are some of the first things people see when they walk in. I then swept up at the end of the day to keep the shop clean and presentable!

Saturday 18th

Today was my last day. I spent the day with Zoe Li and her daughter Jojo who helped out with me. I spent time talking to customers and potential business partners and got to know what they do for work and how to incorporate that into Yeovil Art Space. I then worked on a window sign advertising our exhibition ‘Celebrations’ – on until July 14th. We made it bright and colourful to attract people in to have a look. I was able to use creative skills and knowledge on how to use colour and pattern to make it stand out to passers-by. I then worked on typing up my reflection and filled out my health and safety form required by my college, and my feedback form to go back to college about my time here.


During my time at YAS, I was able to learn a lot about the skills and tasks involved in running a business and keeping on track with expenses, sales and upkeep of the shop. I also learned a lot about the history of YAS and how a business develops and grows. I also got to work and talk with many Yeovil-based artists and this was very beneficial for me as art is something I would like to take further in the future.

I feel like I was able to develop my listening, presenting, creativity and teamwork skills during my placement here and I can really see YAS developing further and spreading their artistic opportunities around Yeovil and possibly further. I would like to see more involvement in schools – a community like this is something that would have greatly inspired me as a child and I think it’s important for children to have access to creative exploration and a diverse variety of art styles and techniques.

‘Community’ New Art Exhibition

Yeovil Community Art School Graduation Exhibition.  6 April – 14 May

April at Yeovil Art Space sees a brand new exhibition, an exciting and dynamic showcase of works and documentations sharing an insight into the first Yeovil Community Art School programme completed between October last year to Spring 2022.

The artist cohort was formed of 9 Yeovil Creatives members at different stages in their careers.  The group includes Miranda Pender, Dawn Handy, Celia Brokenshire, Natasha Rand, Izzie Robbins, Sarah Moore, Rhiannon Cross, Jess Egan and Stéphanie Max.

The first cohort of the Community Art School.

Funded by Arts Council England, the school has been visited each month by a varied programme of guest tutors who shared new techniques and ideas such as working with plaster, experimental film, alternative photographic processes and mixed media as well as concepts of self care for the artist, writing statements and curatorial study.   Led by Community Art School producer Carolyn Lefley and Project Director Zoe Li, the programme offered a chance to learn, experiment and collaborate, giving a new environment for the artists to grow in their practice, make new connections and ultimately discover sustainable ways to thrive as professional and community engaged artists.

The graduate exhibition showcases all of the workshops experimented with over the last six months and each associate has been invited to make and exhibit work in response to their experience in the Art School.  The group has been working in a range of media including: sound installation, analogue 16mm film, painting, sculpture and bookmaking.  Reflective written pieces by the artists will be displayed alongside the work.

Each individual has gained so much from the School’s shared experience and not only are we thrilled to see the exhibition bring all of this together but we are excited to see what the future holds for each artist.”

The group have also formed a collective to respond to a live Arts Council England Commission sited in Yeovil, a project creating community centred events in different areas of Yeovil, to build connections and have conversations through creativity.  These events will tie in with a further exhibition at Yeovil Art Space around the Jubilee in June on the theme of ‘Celebration’.

Archive table.
‘Community’ exhibition – Yeovil Art Space.

[SAT 28 MAY, 2-4pm] Mosaic Mirror Workshop with Dawn Handy

£25 per person, adult only

Create a one-of-a-kind, small mosaic mirror, hand-shaping tesserae from a plethora of exciting recycled materials. Learn how to design and create a mosaic mirror, and how to grout and seal your work, with expert tuition.

Booking is essential. We have limited spaces so we are operating on a first come first served basis.

– Click BOOK NOW button below to book online.
– EMAIL us on
– TEXT us on 07887379388
– VISIT us at Yeovil Art Space during opening hours (Wed – Friday 10am to 4pm, Sat 10am – 5pm)

Part of a new Creative Workshops Programme (APRIL -JUNE 2022) in Yeovil Art Space and in our nearby edible garden between April and June. Ranging from photography, mosaic, silver sculpture, crochet, art journaling, creative gardening and collage, perfect opportunity to learn something new and enjoy being creative with us!

[Terms and Conditions]

  • Please check age limit for each workshop.
  • ‘Make it together’ for some workshops, an offer for a group of 2 family or friends to make one item together.
  • Most of the workshop takes place on the 1st floor. If you require wheelchair access or have difficulties climbing stairs, please let us know so we can make arrangements.

[Cancellation policy]

  • 100% refund for cancellation before 30 days prior to the event.
  • 50% refund for cancellation before 14 days prior to the event.
  • Non-refundable for cancellation within 7 days prior to the event.
  • Transfer to another workshop is possible if you cancel 7 days before the workshop date.
  • Full refund if YAS cancels the workshop due to insufficient sign up.