Art History Sessions: ‘Off the Wall’ [WED 19 April / 17 May / 21 June, 6-8pm]

Join us in this brand-new series of Art History Sessions with Samantha Hann, art history lecturer, artist and fellow Yeovil Creatives member.  These sessions will be a light-hearted, whistle-stop tour, looking at and discussing a small selection of works of art from 1900 to the modern day. These works have changed the direction of art history in some capacity, and each poses the continuous question, what is art? Fun and informative tasks will be part of the sessions, allowing for conversation, and embedding the concepts and ideas through practical application!

Talk 1: Wednesday 19 April 6-8pm
We will begin by looking at art from 1900, exploring how art has developed from the Victorian period and the influences which may have initiated these changes. We will focus on introducing ready-made and the roots of Surrealism, to the origins and impact of Vorticism/Futurism.

Talk 2: Wednesday 17 May 6-8pm
In the second session, we will be looking at the emergence of Pop Art, the influences on the imagery, through Tracey Emin and Marc Quinn for their use of materials and subject matter, to Land art, exploring work by Andrew Goldsworthy.

Talk 3: Wednesday 21 June 6-8pm
In the final session, we will look at diverse artists such as Yinka Shonibare, collective art and Anika Yi, discussing how their work is interpreted by the viewer, questioning, what next for art?!

Book your place
The event will be part of our monthly Yeovil Creatives meetings in April, May and June.  It is £10/session.* If you are interested in joining us but are not a member of the Yeovil Creatives, please contact us on

*This event is made possible with funding from Somerset Skills and Learning. FREE of charge if you are living in Somerset (not including Bath and North Somerset), aged 19 and above, living in UK/EU OR has refugee status OR leave to remain, earning under 20K/year.

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