We Are Open!

We are now safe to open our space with new exhibition Apart Together and more!

‘Apart Together’ gathers new artworks from more than 20 Yeovil Creatives members and their friends.  It resulted from a collaborative art project which started at the beginning of lockdown in response to the theme Solidarity and Kindness.

“We are living in a strange and precarious time… As a group of artists and creative people, it is important that we carry on using these skills during this difficult time by sharing our creativity.” 

To celebrate the growing and diverse network of creative people based in and around Yeovil, the exhibition also presents a collective action in the time of crisis. It is welcomed in a time when working together has been more challenging but also increasingly important. It will be a great opportunity to see art that connects us socially and emotionally, encouraging dialogues around the unprecedented event of recent months.

Alongside the exhibition, there will be a display of artwork by artist Jess Egan, a Yeovil Creatives member who received Creative Pathways bursaries from Somerset Art Works, as part of Somerset Open Studios event until 4 October.

Also there will be a showcase of artworks created by young people aged 12-15 from our 6-weeks Summer Creative Club with artist Natasha Rand.

Opening Time:
MON 10 – 2 / WED, FRI & SAT 10 – 4 / SUN 10-12 (Until 4 October)
WED, FRI & SAT 10 – 4 (Until 31 October)
TUR & THUR Closed

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