‘Community’ New Art Exhibition

Yeovil Community Art School Graduation Exhibition.  6 April – 14 May

April at Yeovil Art Space sees a brand new exhibition, an exciting and dynamic showcase of works and documentations sharing an insight into the first Yeovil Community Art School programme completed between October last year to Spring 2022.

The artist cohort was formed of 9 Yeovil Creatives members at different stages in their careers.  The group includes Miranda Pender, Dawn Handy, Celia Brokenshire, Natasha Rand, Izzie Robbins, Sarah Moore, Rhiannon Cross, Jess Egan and Stéphanie Max.

The first cohort of the Community Art School.

Funded by Arts Council England, the school has been visited each month by a varied programme of guest tutors who shared new techniques and ideas such as working with plaster, experimental film, alternative photographic processes and mixed media as well as concepts of self care for the artist, writing statements and curatorial study.   Led by Community Art School producer Carolyn Lefley and Project Director Zoe Li, the programme offered a chance to learn, experiment and collaborate, giving a new environment for the artists to grow in their practice, make new connections and ultimately discover sustainable ways to thrive as professional and community engaged artists.

The graduate exhibition showcases all of the workshops experimented with over the last six months and each associate has been invited to make and exhibit work in response to their experience in the Art School.  The group has been working in a range of media including: sound installation, analogue 16mm film, painting, sculpture and bookmaking.  Reflective written pieces by the artists will be displayed alongside the work.

Each individual has gained so much from the School’s shared experience and not only are we thrilled to see the exhibition bring all of this together but we are excited to see what the future holds for each artist.”

The group have also formed a collective to respond to a live Arts Council England Commission sited in Yeovil, a project creating community centred events in different areas of Yeovil, to build connections and have conversations through creativity.  These events will tie in with a further exhibition at Yeovil Art Space around the Jubilee in June on the theme of ‘Celebration’.

Archive table.
‘Community’ exhibition – Yeovil Art Space.

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