Welcome to Yeovil Mini Creatives!

We are delighted to bring you Yeovil Mini Creatives! A project created by a collaboration of artists and professionals, supported by The Local Connections Fund distributed by The National Community Lottery Funding

Bringing together families with pre-school aged children (2.5-5years old) through a series of art and creative skills. Having fun, being creative and all whilst supporting the development of your little one too.

We have created a booklet to contain activities and information, specially designed for pre-schoolers. 500 booklets has been distributed during Easter via local nursery, Ninespring cafe and direct mailing.

In the booklet, each activity has been created by an amazing artist and will have an accompanying video and online support via Yeovil Mini Creatives Facebook Group (A private group). Awesome Artist are Clarissa Read, Carolyn Lefley, Dawn Handy and Jess Egan. Early years development support by Kizzy from The Huddle, Yeovil.

Browse the booklet online

Thanks for everyone sign up to Yeovil Mini Creatives! The booklet is no longer available. But you can view online via the link here:

Watch the video

‘Treasure Map’ by artist Jess Egan
‘Light & Shadow’ by artist Carolyn Lefley
‘Mosaic Art’ by artist Dawn Handy
‘Cooking & Collage’ by artist Clarissa Ready

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