Learning at Yeovil Art Space

Calling for all Young Yeovil Creatives

Use your creativity to connect with the older people in your community. Share strength. Join us for these amazing ONLINE FREE projects! Artist Natasha Rand and creative tutor Kara Bignell-Bird designed the following activity especially for those in Years 7 -11 (Aged 14-18) as part of Together We Are Stronger, aiming to share and bring […]

Join TOGETHER, WE ARE… Campaign

Share your positivity with us by following the instructions below: Find a piece of A4 size paper or use the back of a cereal packet Write ‘Together, we are (Something cheerful, positive).’ Hold it up and take a picture (cover your face if you don’t want to be recognised) Post your picture on your social […]

Join Yeovil Mini Creatives!

A project created by a collaboration of artists and professionals, supported by The Local Connections Fund. Bringing together families with pre-school aged children (2.5-5years old) through a series of art and creative skills. Having fun, being creative and all whilst supporting the development of your little one too. Sign up to get your free activity […]

Family Activity Pack available

Put together by artist Natasha Rand (Creation Generation) with Yeovil Library, a 12 pages activity pack contains a range of creative activities for primary school age children and their family, part of our ‘Together We Are Stronger’ community project. You can download the pack below (19mb in size, in pdf format) or obtain a printed […]


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