Creative Lab

A visual discussion between artists Clarissa Ready and Stéphanie Max expressing their influences, processes, finding bridges across their practice and creating new collaborative artworks around the theme of nature.

The display will evolve throughout the exhibition.

Clarissa Ready and Stéphanie Max have a shared interest in materials and techniques.  They have a lot in common and both articulate their research within mixed media, including printmaking, painting, drawing, collage, embroidery and textiles. They appreciate experimentation and discovery, letting the materials speak to them and the shapes and forms evolve. 

Stéphanie is a French mixed media artist and uses paper as a principal support. Her childhood was cradled by strong popular imagery “Les images d’épinales” from the East of France. The little French girl visited a local printmaker and illustrator with her writer grandmother. This meeting with Jean Morette was more than fascinating and shaped her dedication for art, the printing press and more specifically her attachment to pictures and narrations. Paper is a love story, including her attachment to books, old yellowing pictures and texts.

During her 5 years in Ecole des Beaux Arts in France (2000-2005), Stéphanie focused on creating images within black and white photography, etching, linocut, screen printing and drawing. She developed a high interest in motifs, human body, vivid colors and upside down interpretations. Stéphanie researched social interaction and body language and followed a master in anthropology (2006-2008) to nourish her art practice. 

Travelling has composed most of her adult life, living in Morocco, Mali, Italy and now in England. In her practice, she looks for discoveries, adaptation, surprises and the unknown.  Her source of inspiration grows but some symbolic motifs have stuck and developed over the years such as nature, the landscape, birds, human form and fantasy.

Clarissa is a textiles and mixed media artist and explores ideas in a great diversity of materials.  She has a background in print, embroidery and  knitwear, influenced in part by watching her mother and grandmother knit and sew as a child.  Clarissa studied at Glasgow School of Art after which she freelanced as a designer selling work in America and Europe alongside teaching.  

“Creativity formed the “threads” in my life, it is life’s textures, memories and experiences that have given me joy and uplifted me during difficult moments. Inspiration comes from the world around me, specifically people and places.  During lockdown I developed prints from herbs and plants extended with stitch and layering.  I also explored my internal world through a series of embroideries.  I like the process of exploring the boundaries of materials and let them define a direction”.

During the year 2021, the two artists met 4 to 5 times to enjoy creating together, exploring new ways to work and know more about each other. They set up small art challenges to play with whilst leaving room for surprises and experimentation for example sharing stories and drawings using dice.

The Creative LAB shows a selection of personal artworks, pieces “four hands have made together” and work in progress. It is an evolving LAB of experimentation.  Both artists have appreciated the opportunity to share experiences, stories and new ideas with materials and media. 

Join us, take part and contribute to the conversation! A workshop table will be set up with papers, leaves printed, thread and needles. You are welcome to create a small piece with these materials, which will be part of the display.

Meet the artists Friday & Saturday, 8 & 9 October 11-2.


Friday 15 October 

Print and Stitch workshop

10.30am – 12noon Printmaking / 12.30pm – 2pm Development with stitch. 

Discover different printmaking techniques and learn simple hand embroidery stitches on paper and fabric.  Or equally take pieces home. Artists and Creatives welcome.

£15 each / £20 both / including materials.

* Discount available for those receiving Universal Credit / full-time student. Please contact for details.