We are a creative hub bringing the public a number of initiatives and projects with other creative businesses, groups and individuals.  Our aim is to provide arts and cultural activities for all ages, including participatory events, learning workshops and showcases.

Although we are working in uncertain times we are proud and excited to be finding new avenues for our creative projects and connections with you all.

Despite the current situation with limited public access at the moment, we are working behind the scenes to create a programme of displays, events and workshops keeping in respect of social distancing. There will also be a number of online events taking place during the next 6 months, including the participatory project ‘Apart Together’, an audiovisual project ‘Chaotic Behaviour’ funded by Sound and Music and a new project working with schools and the community. 

‘A GIFT’ by Stephanie Max

Window display ‘A gift’

We invited French artist Stephanie Max to create a window artwork titled ‘A GIFT’ reflecting on her experience at home during lockdown.


Creative Club for early teens

This summer, we worked with 12 young people aged 12-15 through 6 weekly activities, including making posters, zine and electronic musics. Some of the result art works is now exhibiting at our opening show until 31 October. We will be creating regular activities for early teen from November onward, please contact us for details.

We Are Open!

We are now safe to open our space with new exhibition Apart Together and more! ‘Apart Together’ gathers new artworks from more than 20 Yeovil Creatives members and their friends.  It resulted from a collaborative art project which started at the beginning of lockdown in response to the theme Solidarity and Kindness. “We are living […]

LEARNING – Workshops & courses

Zine Making Workshop

Wed 5 & 12 August (2-4pm) Create a zine from start to finish using DIY methods and hands-on printing techniques, including block printing. You can make zines about any subject you like, add images, text or anything you feel to make a unique creation. Workshop suitable for all ages, including artists, students and family just […]

Summer Creative Club for 12-15 year olds

Taking place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting from 20 July, a 6-week summer programme for young people aged 12-15, offering creative activities to support well-being and to develop a range of skills before returning to school in September. The programme is designed to encourage young people to explore their own creativity, to take pride […]

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